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Hidden Lakes Estates Airpark - New Port Richey, Florida

Airport: Hidden Lake Airport
Identifier: 22FA
Location: 28-16-57.0290N / 082-38-44.3560W
Type: Private
Surface: Asphalt
Length: 3400' x 50'
Lighted: RDO-CTL
Elevation: 30'
Fuel: 100LL
Unicom: 123
Hidden Lake Estates Airpark was originally developed in 1970 in a rural area of New Port Richey. Over the years New Port Richey has grown up significantly around the airpark and now shopping is only minutes away. Hidden Lakes Estates has gone through the years a series of growth expansions, but still remains as one of the premier airpark communities of Florida.

The developer built a 3400 foot lighted and paved airstrip, with hangars at the north east end. It was believed that during the early years the airport served as a landing place for drug smugglers coming from Central and South America. The streets of the project were built on either sides of the airstrip which allowed luxurious homes to be build along the streets divided into 131 one-acre parcels. The rest of the property was to be a golf course but the work was stopped and never resumed due to a number of problems.
Near By Cities:
New Port Richie- Approx 9 Miles Tampa- Approx 41 Miles
Spring Hill- Approx 30 Miles St. Petersburg- Approx 42 Miles
Clearwater- Approx 31 Miles Lakeland- Approx 67 Miles
Around 1976 the developer had talked about selling the airport and the reminaing property that was to be the golf course. The residents of the airpark feared that the privacy of the airpark might be effected. To avoid any changes, the property was purchased in 1979 and Airport Investors Inc. was formed with shares being issued to 21 individuals who underwrote the purchase. The individual who purchased the property built streets, divided the property into parcels and extended the end of the airstrip to connect with the newly developed grounds. Later, he purchased land from a ranch adding another 29 parcels.

Hidden Lakes Estates Airpark has a commitment to its resident’s security and now the entire airport is fenced and has code operated security gates. Security gates were also added in the residential section of the airpark.
About 150 of the homes have direct access to the runway, but all streets in the community are also taxiways and aircraft have the right-of-way. Plans are also currently underway to extend the runway to be enough for small jets and turboprops.
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