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Buckingham Field Airport, Fort Myers - Florida

Identifier: FL59
26-38-36.2580N / 081-42-37.2950W
Type: Private
Surface: Concrete
Length: 6/24 - 2726x40014/32 - 4046x400
Elevation: 23 Feet MSL
Buckingham Field is a private-use aiport located seven miles (13km) east of the central business district of Fort Myers. Buckingham Field was originally constructed as Buckingham Army Airfield, the airfield had it's origins as an aircraft gunner training base to train the aerial gunners who would defend bombers. It was constructed in 1942 costing $10 million on 7,000 of what used to be swamp land. The land had to be drained with a canals that had been newly constructed.

Near By Cities:

Fort Myers- Approx 11 Miles

St. Petersburg- Approx 118 Miles

Sarasota- Approx 85 Miles

Tampa- Approx 135 Miles

Port Charlotte- Approx 38 Miles

Orlando- Approx 165 Miles

After the war, the barracks at Buckingham were briefly used as the Edison College, but this closed in 1948. Most of the original buildings had been removed over time. Eventually, a street grid for a planned housing development named Lehigh Acres was eventually built over the area. In the 1970's, Miami Sectional Chart depicted three paved portions of Buckingham's former ramp as the runways of Lehigh Acres West private airfield.

The street grid built over the location of the former runways remained undeveloped for some time. Eventually, it was being partially filled in with house, but still it remains 90% unoccupied.

By 2000, the north end of the ramp was used as a runway which was being operated as a private field, Buckingham Field Airport.
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